Love Bank Park is located at 2853 – 2857 Cherokee Street, in the Benton Park West neighborhood, at the intersection of Nebraska Avenue and Cherokee Street.  Cherokee Street Development League 501c3 manages the development, construction, maintenance and programming of Love Bank Park. Formerly the site of two unused empty lots, our vision for Love Bank Park is to build on the existing grass-roots momentum at this site, and in the neighborhood to create a thriving, multi-functional and environmentally sustainable public space amenity on Cherokee. 

Love Bank Park programming is overseen by the Executive Director of Cherokee Street Development League, coordinated and executed by community members.  Cherokee Street Development League implements programs at Love Bank Park to address the social, educational, creative and environmental needs of the area.  Love Bank Park has served as a space for community gatherings, flea markets, bonfires, youth basketball tournaments, art projects, music videos, BBQs, movie screenings, plantings, live music and parties. It is our hopes that this space will continue to host these events, as well as other events, initiated, led and implemented by residents, businesses owners and community members.

Love Bank Park is supported by the surrounding Neighborhood Associations; Benton Park West, Benton Park, Marine Villa and Greater Gravois Park, Alderwoman Cara Spencer of the 20th Ward, Alderman Dan Guenther of the 9th ward, and Cherokee Station Special Business District and Association.

The intention for this park is to provide the most number of uses, for the most number of people. 

Love Bank Park is a Community Park owned and maintained by the Cherokee Street Development League. If you wish to host an event at the park, you must receive written approval from the Cherokee Street Development League.

Please submit any event requests to