Kaveh Razani, President
Co-owner of Blank Space and 2720 Cherokee

John Joern, Vice President
Co-owner of The Whiskey Ring

Rebecca Bolte, Secretary
Owner of Buttonmakers


Jessica Douglass
Owner of Flowers and Weeds, Florist

Jessie Chappell
Managing Partner at CG Immigration Law, LLC

Chris Sabatino
Owner of Art Monster, Tattoo Artist  

Will Liebermann
Owner of WJL Companies, Licensed real estate agent, certified Public Accountant

Carlos Restrepo
Membership Coordinator for Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Freelance Journalist

Justin Harris
Owner, Saint Louis Hop Shop

Mark Nevelow
Owner, 2648 Cherokee Properties LLC

Mike Glodeck
Owner, Silverdeck

William Ross Gibson
Owner, Ardefact

Jason Deem
Owner of Southside Spaces and Nebula


Pacia Anderson

Eric Prospect White

Shareca Sheabrown Pitts

Kristy Unruh

Simon Warren

Anne McCullough